Sights & Landmarks

Amelia Island Museum

We are the first spoken history museum in the state of Florida. We continue our story-telling tradition with a variety of tours that cater to many interests and age levels.

Fernandina Beach Pinball Machine Museum

Fernandina Pinball Museum, Inc is dedicated to preserving the legacy of pinball from the early years of the twentieth century to the present. Come play these great machines from the past and present in a great environment where you can play as many machines as you like for as long as you like… at least until closing time! 

Maritime Museum of Amelia

If you are interested in maritime history, pirates, or French and Spanish treasure fleets, make sure you visit our museum located in beautiful downtown Fernandina Beach, Florida. On a guided tour in our museum you may even hear a tall sea story or two from an actual diver or a treasure hunter who has found Foreign gold and silver from the Florida seas! Our artifacts are rich in local maritime history as well as historical items that include US Navy memorabilia, weapons from multiple time periods, a Soviet era KGB diving suit or artifacts from an actual expedition to name just a few. Did we mention French and Spanish treasure?