Our team of experts are trained specialists in property care, homeowner services, guest services, and sales and marketing. As a homeowner partner, you will enjoy a full range of vacation rental management services, excellent rental revenue and the peace of mind that your home is receiving the highest level of care.

Expert and dedicated STAFF
•  Every member in our team is a specialist  in their field and is totally dedicated to serving owners and guests alike with the utmost professionalism and care. .  

•  We do a complete walk-thru of every villa prior to check-in and at other regular intervals. This helps to identify possible deficiencies or shortfalls that might pose a problem or detract from the experience of the guests 

•  We select and maintain a skilled team of independent contractors including plumbers, HVAC Technicians  and electricians. They are on call to respond quickly in the event of a problem or emergency requirement of a rental guest. We can also interface and work with them on behalf of the owner for other services or upgrades. 

•  We maintain an ongoing relationship with a group of  well trained and supervised housekeepers. While they are independent contractors, we review their work after every cleaning to ensure the Villa is ready for even the most discriminating rental guest.  

•  If you have a question about your Villa or its rental, we are ready to respond at a moment’s notice by phone, text or e-mail. No question or concern is ever too small. Our goal is your complete satisfaction and we’ll do whatever we can achieve it. We never forget that we work for you! 

Complete and Timely ACCOUNTING
•  We provide a complete Owner’s Statement each and every month. The Statement details each and every rental , the Gross rent received and all expenses deducted to derive the net rental paid to Owner. Generally , these statements are furnished on or before the 10th of the following month along with a check for the net rental. While errors or omissions should be rare they may occur on occasion. That is why we provide an additional 10 days from when we send the statement for you to review the statement and question any item.

We also take care of the Monthly Florida State  sales tax reporting  and Nassau County Tourist development tax reporting. At the end of the year we will furnish you with a 1099 for your gross rental income along with a statement of expenses deducted and net paid to owner that you or your accountant can use for income tax filing.